Monstera plaque

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We try to fill our home and studio with as many plants as we can. Or we should say...with as many plants as we can keep alive! So in places with super low light we also decorate with faux plants and plant artwork. This big Monstera leaf plaque is such a welcome pop of life to our gallery wall!
Decor-wise this is one of our favorite pieces yet. It just works so well with so many styles and colors themes. On white walls it looks amazing, and on colored walls it seems like it amplifies the wall color.
And even though it may seem fairly simple at first glance, making this piece was a challenge...but a super fun challenge. Cutting this out on the saw is pretty intricate work, and sanding and handpainting inside those skinny curves is very tricky.
Measures approximately 11" x 9" on a 1/2" thick wooden board. Signed, dated, and ready to hang.

Our wooden plaques are made with high quality prints of our original paintings and each has lots of unique hand painted details.

Our pieces are handmade to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.