Grocery store sheet cake plaque


*Made to order.

If you check out the bakery cases at the grocery store you'd think sheet cakes were more in demand than sliced bread. There's always a million of 'em to choose from.
But somehow the grocery store sheet cake is reserved for only the most special occasions. When a sheet cake shows up at the office, or school, or on top of a rented folding table in your backyard, everyone immediately crowds around with their tiny paper plates in hand.
But we're not saving this one for some super special event.
Ours is for the random Tuesday when you just so happen to be killin' it.
"You're Doing Great!" and we're here to remind you in multi colored buttercream frosting! And of course one slice is missing, stolen, or mysteriously vanished...isn't it always? Despite that plastic container that's louder than 4th of July when you try to quietly open it when no one is looking. ; )

Measures approx. 16.5" x 8" on a 1/2" thick wooden plaque. Signed, dated and ready to hang with a sawtooth bracket on back.
Each is made from a high quality print of our original painting, and we add tons of hand painted details to every single plaque so that no two are the same. The sides of each plaque are hand painted as well, creating a dimensional fully finished appearance.

Handmade to order. Please allow approx. 5-6 weeks for delivery.