Donuts sign

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DONUTS! Don't you just love what the word looks like? This is the exact style font we both pictured in our minds for Donuts. It's classic, fun, and has a bit of that jaunty retro feel. And that drop shadow perfectly sets off those pink letters against the bright white background.
We were inspired by vintage hand painted signs like you'd see on boardwalks, carnival stands, county fairs, and roadside eateries.
We are big big Donut fans and we're working on an entire wall in our home dedicated to Donuts and only Donuts. And wow, wouldn't this sign look amazing above the Donut Wall at your wedding or baby shower?!
This sign is a great size, shape and color for any room that needs a bright pop of fun! It's the same exact size as our Ice Cream sign, so they make a great set!
Measures approximately 23" x 6" on a 1/2" thick wooden board. Signed, dated, and ready to hang.
Our wooden plaques are made with high quality prints of our original paintings and each has lots of unique hand painted details.

Our pieces are handmade to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.