Cake Mix box plaque


This one was a Loooooong time in the making and it's a very special piece for us. We had started the design over a year ago but we put it aside because it just wasn't the right time. Recently we pulled out our original sketches and gave it another try... And we are so happy that we waited!
The overall design has a brightness that it wouldn't have had before. We took all of our brand new positive energy and put it into this brand new design.
And it's a perfect representation of where we're at right now - We're starting lots of new things but we're also returning to our roots. Designing vintage packaging is probably our favorite thing in the world. We love to put ourselves in the headspace of golden age designers. Using classic fonts, hand lettering, hand painted graphics, and bright, cheery, eye catching color! It's got the pastel aesthetic that we love, and the little pops of bright red give it an amazing retro look.

*Be sure to click through the pics to see the little details. If you look closely you'll find the little heart logo that lets you know - Yes, this cake mix is vegan! : )

Measures approximately 8" x 6", about the size of an actual cake mix box.

All of our plaques are made with prints based on our original paintings. We give them hand painted details and we fully hand paint the sides so that the image continues onto the edges. Made from 1/2" thick hand cut wood. Signed, dated, and ready to hang.

Handmade to order. Please allow approximately 5 weeks for shipping.