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Set of 4 instagram inspired wood mounted prints YOUR CHOICE!


This listing is for a set of 4 instagram inspired wood mounted prints...YOUR CHOICE! :)

An instant collection!!

Every artist should bow to the advent of the Instagram...a tool that essentially turns the everyday into Art. More than just photography...the Instagram captures an image in a frame, a it a feel, a mood, and often...a vintagey glow. And in an instant...the "art" is available to everyone.
As artists we wanted to pay it forward...paintings inspired by the Instagram. These 8" x 8" prints of our original paintings are mounted on 1/2" boards. Signed, sealed, ready to hang

We'll be adding more to this collection weekly! So stay tuned! And get ready to Collect Them All! :)

click through to see ALL photos! :)

We ship WORLDWIDE just message us! :)