Vintage inspired Stuffed Bunny pin (pink or blue)

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Vintage stuffed bunnies from the 40s and 50s are magic! We cannot believe we waited this long to paint these guys. They're modeled from our very own collection. We love the way their candy colors have faded with age, and how some might have a bent ear or a crumpled bow, or a bit of the stitching is loose. But it's all of these little imperfections that make them so perfect.
And now you can wear your favorite collectible!
Your choice of Pink or Blue!

Our original paintings downsized and hand cut on a hardwood pin with a beautiful glossy finish.
Made from 1/8" thick hardwood, gloss finish, measures approx. 3 1/4" tall, bar pin back, signed & dated. Comes nestled on a fuzzy cushion with confetti stars in a square white box with clear lid like you see in the pics.

*Handmade to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping, depending on how many orders we get. Everything is handmade from scratch by the two of us and we put countless hours of work into everything we make. Thank you so much for your support and patience! It means more than you know.