Cupcake ornament (white or pink)


Our Everyday Ornaments are made from 1/8” thick hardwood. Just like our plaques they’re made combining high quality prints of our paintings and we add handpainted details. The backs are pale pink and are signed and dated.
Hang them anywhere! Gallery walls, cabinet knobs, inspiration boards, on trees. Or you can even tie them to special gifts.
Each comes in an adorable cellophane package complete with our label, pink shred, and tiny gold stars. They’re super giftable and highly collectible! Ready to hang.
Many more designs to come! Can't wait to see where YOU hang them!
Your choice of White or Pink.

Each cupcake measures approx. 4" x 4".

*Handmade to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping, depending on how many orders we get. Everything is handmade from scratch by the two of us and we put countless hours of work into everything we make. Thank you so much for your support and patience! It means more than you know.


  • white
  • pink