Ferris Wheel 8x10 ready to frame print


Living at the Jersey Shore, we've seen our share our ferris wheels. But we never tire of their magic! They are the emblem of fun...of a break from the grind...life stops on a ferris wheel.
The sights and sounds of a seaside boardwalk come to mind...the funnel cakes...the roar of the roller coaster...the bells and whistle from the arcades and stands. We plan on painting lots more boardwalk inspired pieces.

*(Frame not included)

Our high quality prints capture all of the subtle details of our original paintings. The image measures 8" x 10" with a small white border, and is signed and dated.
Each print comes in a cellophane sleeve with cardboard backing, and is shipped in a rigid envelope.
Prints will ship First Class within 5 days of purchase.