"Bunny Baby" Jumbo wood mounted print

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When painting our favorite source for subject matter is our collections. We've got loads of tattered vintage bunnies in all shades of faded pastels, but our absolute fave, who we have had in our home for the longest time is Bunny Baby. This one is our muse and always sits in a place of honor on our mantel. Well, for a very long time we wanted to pay tribute to Bunny Baby with a large format painting...and we decided to go one step further and make Bunny Baby into a large wooden die cut. Measuring 23 inches tall on 3/4 inch thick wood, Bunny Baby is a substantial piece that's a Room Maker for sure. Through the years friends of ours have spied pics of the actual Bunny Baby and we have gotten so many requests for a painting. Everyone seems to be a fan of our fave Bunny Baby...from vintage toy lovers, doll collectors, bunny freaks (like ourselves) and peeps who are into pieces that are at once creepy and cute. We just think this would truly define the style and aesthetic of a room...and would be so sweet in a nursery as well.
Made from a print of our original painting that we mount to wood, and then we add extra touches of hand painting to each piece. Signed, dated, & ready to hang with a sawtooth bracket on back. Heirloom quality. Be sure to click through to see all photos! :)

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